Content Marketing

what Content Marketing?

This is when you create and distribute meaningful and relavant content, consistently, to attract and retain your audience with the goal of creating and converting leads. In content marketing. You do not pitch services or products, you help solve their work or personal problems.


  1. Videos

YouTube (and instagram/Facebook) is a good distribution platform. What channels have you subscribed to?

Using video for content marketing means you create videos that address your audience’s pain points, without explicitly telling them to buy from you. If you are a chef, tech them a new recipe etc. genuinely help them and let the law of reciprocity do the rest.

TikTok is now being used for infotainment, and you can use it as well as YouTube shorts to distribute content.

2. Images

Images enhance the understanding of the material, reinforce the brand and works well on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and instagram.

Whether it is a photograph of the dish or a well-designed poster of cooking course, images attract attention, evoke emotion and are likely to be remembered for a long time

You can also use content marketing together with influencer marketing

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